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Book Review: The Elements of Fly Tying


I have long been a “passive fly tyer”, always keen but for whatever reason, work or otherwise I have struggled to officially kick-start my fly tying career. I have dabbled in the odd Woolly Bugger and Clouser, even spent enough money on fly tying equipment to make even the most seasoned fly fishers eyes water, but my vice has always found its way back into the depths of my cupboard.


Recently, I have found the passion to tie flies reignited and I hastily headed down to the nearest flyshop to find some inspiration. While spending an inordinately large part of my visit at the store fiddling with various gadgets (which I don’t need!), I came across The Elements of Fly Tying by well known author, fly fisherman and artist, Tom Sutcliffe.
Having been a fan of Tom’s previous books, I made my purchase and headed home. Little did I know then, but this book would soon become a key enabler in my new found fly tying addiction – more on this later!
Tom has long been an icon in the flyfishing circle, having been the originator of two very popular flies, the DDD and the Zak Nymph. His style of writing is easy to follow and backed up by brilliant sketches which make it easy to decipher something fairly technical.
I found this book difficult to put down, it covers everything you need to know about fly tying in a very clear and uncomplicated manner. Tom’s initial promise of “filling your flybox” at the beginning of the book, is well founded. With 19 fly patterns presented, in a step-by-step manner, you will be sure to have an exceptionally good understanding of the correct dimensions, aspects and technicalities behind tying a very healthy collection of tried and tested patterns.
I am now into my fourth week of flytying (officially) and Tom’s book has provided me with numerous hours of entertainment and inspiration.  
This is an essential addition to your flyfishing book collection.
Tying The Elements of Fly Tying by Tom Sutcliffe is available online for R250.00. If you would like more information or to purchase the book, please click here



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