Fly-casting Clinic hosted by Andy of The Fly Casting Coach and the Flyloops Team


Thank you to all who responded to our enquiry in judging the interest for a fly-casting clinic. Due to the positive reaction we have decided to host this event and we have secured a date and venue for this workshop.

Flyloops will host this Fly-casting clinic in conjunction with Andy of The Fly Casting Coach. The morning will start off with a steaming cup of coffee where we will “meet and greet” and rig up our fly-fishing gear. Andy will then do a casting demonstration where he will cover the 5 essentials of good fly-casting as well as common faults and its causes. This will be an interactive but relaxed presentation where he will also field and address your questions.

Each participant will then have an opportunity to practice these essentials in pairs and Andy will come around and spend individual time with each participant to assist him or her with any changes and corrections that may be required.

He will then cover accuracy casting and provide tips and techniques that all can practice at home to improve their accuracy.

Finally he will cover the basics of distance casting and requirements needed to cast longer distance with ease and with consistency.

On hand will be the Flyloops team who will bring along a the TFO Impact 9 foot 5 weight and TFO BVK 9 foot 5 weight, each participant will have the opportunity to cast these rods. The main idea for this exercise is to allow you the opportunity to cast different rod actions with the aim of finding the rod that best suit your needs and casting preference. This is an opportunity that is not readily available to fly-fishers and we think that it will offer great value in you deciding what type or action of rod you like best.

Finally Pieter of the Flyloops team will do a demonstration on the rigging and techniques of Euro nymphing, where after everyone will have the opportunity to practice their newly acquired skills at their own leisure on the water.

Flyloops and The Fly Casting Coach will be available throughout the afternoon to assist you with any questions you may have and give you personal attention in terms of your own casting. Andy will be available to assist you in correcting your personal casting faults during this time.

Please take advantage of this opportunity. It is offered at a very low cost and you are bound to learn something new that will improve your overall fly-fishing experience.

It promises to be an informative, relaxed, fun filled day with a few surprises.

Soft drinks will be supplied however it is advised to bring your own food and snacks.

Accommodation will be available for those who which to sleep over and make a weekend of it.

Please book your spot a.s.a.p. as space is limited and judging by the initial interest it will sell out fast.

We are certainly looking forward to it!

Time: The tuition will run from 9 am to 1 pm where after you can fish at your leisure and get individual attention to iron out any casting issues you may have.

Venue: The venue is Vaal De Sioleh who graciously gave us exclusive access for the day on a section of The Vaal River, so please also support them with the overnight accommodation which they have set aside for the event. You can contact them at:

Date: The date of the event is Saturday, 25 March 2017.

Cost: The cost is only R390 per person. The main contributor to this low fee is Vaal de Sioleh who kindly waved their daily rod fee for our event.

What to bring: Bring your own food, snacks and extra drinks, standard Vaal River fly-fishing gear, sunscreen and hat

Looking forward to hear from you soon!

The Flyloops Team in association with TFO Fly rods and The Fly Casting Coach.

To book contact Pieter Snyders:

For private casting lessons after the event contact Andy through:

Contact Me

To check out the TFO Rods please visit their local page:

To book your accommodation click on the link below image below:

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